I think I might need Tech Support. 

This is no longer in the scope of tech support.

The power of the holy spirit and a really good exorcist is what you need.

all you gotta do is download adobe reader

anyone care to explain the fuck is happening

What the actual…

What…… what did you do


Sadly, I actually know what this is.
That black red lava stuff, Those are melted wires from the power supply. Like if someone had set an old school power supply to 110v and plugged in 220v.


His name: Antanas Mockus

In 1995 he was elected Mayor of Bogotá. Under Mockus’s leadership, Bogotá saw improvements such as: water usage dropped 40%, 7000 community security groups were formed and the homicide rate fell 70%, traffic fatalities  dropped by over 50%, drinking water was provided to all
homes (up from 79% in 1993), and sewerage was provided to 95% of homes
(up from 71%). He had a reputation for honesty. When he asked residents to pay a voluntary extra 10% in
taxes, 63,000 people did so.

How he lowered traffic fatalities: First, he painted the streets with 1,500 or so stars, each signifying where a pedestrian was struck by a car and ultimately died.  But that wasn’t enough. So Mockus surmised that his constituents were not
motivated by fear of being struck by a car, but could be motivated by
embarrassment and/or shame.  So he trained people to be mimes to
mock jaywalkers, and, amazingly, it worked.

(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

This sounds awesome and I want to fact check this later.






i was about to joke about how my political stance is “end lawnmower culture” but then it occurred to me that i actually Am against lawns as suburban status symbols and wastes of land that Could be used to sustain native flora & fauna and grow food for people, but no, instead they are these huge useless swaths of land that need Constant maintenance, the process of which is not only destructive, but Incredibly Loud

You know that actually is the purpose of a lawn? They started as a trend of the French monarchy – the ones revolutionaries beheaded for being self indulgent assholes.

It exists purely as a status symbol that says, “I have land but I don’t have to use it for anything productive. I can invest time, money and resources in maintaining an entirely useless crop on land I’m not farming just because it looks pretty.”

Lawns offend me.

Why have that stunted golf course in front of your suburban house if you can’t even water it? Get one of these instead.

Unite Against the Lawn

Pro tiny house, anti grass lawn. Prioritize practicality.

I wish I had the physical energy and time for this. :(