Buzzfeed made a privilege test, I got a 13 and the highest I’ve seen this go was 78

I got 63/100. The gender ones really brought it down, if I was a guy it would’ve been way higher

I got 31/100. It was brought down by all the gender/sexual orientation question, and the questions about depression/suicide, ect.


The poverty stuff brought it down a little.

31/100- This thing told me I’m not a person of privilege. I’m calling bullshit. I may be a bisexual female living in poverty struggling with depression, suicidal ideation and addiction but don’t let that fool you, I am still a person of privilege by virtue of being white. You can still struggle and benefit from privilege. You give my same circumstance to a black person in this country and their outcome would be very different than my own.

24. Wow.

I got 67 but being a fifty something straight white male I’m surprised it wasn’t higher.

I was raised pretty poor. Government cheese was a thing, kids. It’s gross. I didn’t go to college. My parents were afraid of student loan debt. I’ve lied about my beliefs and said i was Christian to not have judgement. I have been shamed for my job. Not farming-everyone seems to think that’s “cute”. I have gone without medical attention when I had to choose between a doctor and rent. I didn’t go to the dentist for 35 years. I was a very young single mom. I have lived in “ethnic” neighborhoods because white neighborhoods were too expensive.

But, now, I for sure live differently. Things have always either gone Even Steven or gotten better for us. It has been hard, but not impossible or out of the question that our situation could improve.

This is what privilege IS.


Ya, I’m very privileged but the mix of things on this list means the numbers come out deceptively lower than what I feel is reality.

43/100 here. While I’m somewhere between upper-middle and middle class now, I grew up firmly below the poverty line. I’m privileged at hell now, but the bits that happen while growing up are harsh. I’ve lived with illness I couldn’t treat, I’ve had to lie about my beliefs, I have some disability… basically, even with the benefits of being a white cisgendered male, growing up kind of sucked and this test skews heavily toward things that happened in the past versus the present.


jessica rabbit is literally a sex symbol though she can’t be asexual?









she is in romo with a rabbit because he makes her laugh and aside from using her looks to get things out of people she literally never once shows interest in anything or anyone sexually through the entire movie and is clearly appalled when anyone makes advances towards her like there is canonical evidence that jessica rabbit from the classic motion picture who framed rogger rabbit is an asexual character  

I am here as fuck for this. Jessica Rabbit for new asexual icon.

“She can’t be asexual because she’s hot tho”

“I can only see her as a sexual object so I can’t imagine her not wanting to have sex with me.”

I’ve always remembered the line “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” as Jessica’s admission that while sexualized, she isn’t inherently a sexual entity.

I mean hell, literally, her line before is “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”, to which Eddie responds; “You don’t know how hard it is being a man looking at a woman looking the way you do.”

I think that’s pretty damning evidence to her asexuality. The whole plot point with Jessica is how everyone is either convinced she’s sleeping with every human and toon around, or why does she stay faithful to Roger.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit does a great job at satirizing Hollywood/American culture and ideals when it comes to appearances. It also does a great job at hiding some really well thought out challenges to how we look at others in plain sight.

I completely believe that Jessica Rabbit is an asexual romantic (hetero/bi/pan/etc not sure, and to be honest, I don’t know if that part is important, as she’s married to the toon she loves).

I LOVE this headcanon <3

This is important!


This headcanon is just so perfect I had to draw it


Rule 4.

Rule 4. by aetherspoon

Yep, that’s an unphotoshopped, unhacked construction sign directly referencing Zombies. Sometimes I love this city.

Long Exposure Night Shot

Long Exposure Night Shot by Shivers

Via Flickr:

Some of my first attempts at doing night shots; Madison has too much light pollution, so I needed to wait until I was somewhere else. BAM.

Long Exposure Night Shot 2

Long Exposure Night Shot 2 by Shivers

Via Flickr:

I liked how this one turned out. It has a nice effect, even if the weather wasn’t fully cooperating for me.